Testing Bing, Part 2: The Features - News

Bing and Google both have news searching, too. The results are about similar. They both have pretty similar features.

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Google offers more tools to narrow down your results – particularly, by limiting by date. This seems like a pretty glaring omission on Microsoft’s part for a news search. Bing’s Related Searches tool is very helpful here, though… it’s kind of like a ‘News Topics at a Glance’ for your search term.

Both engines also offer a news overview page. Google wins on content here – lots of news, broken down into nice, easy to read categories, with plenty of customization if you want it. Bing fights back with their video previews. With the auto-play, this is a lot like having the video segments of the day’s news available for you to see or skip as you like.

The verdict: Google wins. Bing brings some nice stuff to the table, but between Google’s better search tools and a news overview page is much more informative and easy to read, Bing falls behind.

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