Upgrade Windows 7 RC to RTM

Greetings everyone….

This is a post that I am really pleased to make. In fact, ecstatic would probably be a better word.

For the last month I have been stewing about how to get my Windows 7 RC release upgraded to the RTM. Microsoft’s official line on this is that upgrades are not possible and the only way to do such was a fresh install.

This was really a very frightful thought for me. I have been using the RC as my primary operating system and it worked so well that it basically got tweaked into a more permanent set up than what an RC release should ever be.  Rebuilding this guy would have been a lot of work!

Well, today I found a workaround. A lot of other people had been talking about this, and of course it is not supported by Microsoft, but it worked great and it is really simple.

All you have to do is download the same release as your installed version, unpack it using WINRAR, 7Zip, or some other suitable program browse to the sources folder. Inside of that, you will find a file called cversion.ini. Open this up in notepad, change the minversion parameter to 7100 and save it.

Now, you are ready to upgrade. Copy the installation files onto a USB key, and run setup .exe. You will now be allowed to upgrade. It really is that easy!!


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