Outlook 2007 Inbox Renamed

We’ve been a little shy on updates lately folks. It has been a busy time of year, Paul is down in South America having the time of his life, and spring is fast approaching. Still none of this excuses our lack of writing and definitely doesn’t excuse the brevity of this post.

Nonetheless, this is all I have to offer for now.

A few days ago, one of my clients called me up and said that his Outlook 2007 inbox had suddenly been renamed to image001.jpg.  I have seen a lot of strange things, but this I really had to see.

As my log me in session connected and I focussed on the tiny text on my laptop screen, there it was. image001.jpg. This was indeed bizarre. I wasn’t really sure where to begin with this. The issue, in fact, doesn’t affect the end user in any way nor does it impede the normal flow of mail. But still, it is an annoyance. 

Historically, I have had great luck with the various switches that can be used to launch Outlook. So, I started digging in a bit, and sure enough I found a switch /resetfoldernames.

I was a little worried about running some random switch that I knew very little about, but again, past experience has been really good with these Outlook commands and away I went with it.  5 seconds later and the problem is gone.

So, for thos of you that have never used an outlook switch, here is the procedure. Open the run dialog box and enter the following command.

Outlook.exe /resetfoldernames

I always like to start this with outlook closed so that it opens one new instance of the program.

If anyone knows why this happens, I would love to hear about it. Please post your comments below.



  1. we have the same last name...Sleno....and here is my blog => masgblog.blogspot.com

  2. I am quite curious as to the cause of this as well.

  3. Thanks for the tip. This just happened with me Outlook 2010 + Exchange 2007.

  4. It happened to me with Outlook 2010 + Exchange 2007 and the resetfoldernames thing did not work. An admin for our Exchange server was able to process this fix; but again, I was not able to do it from my computer.

  5. The Inbox was renamed as something weird for me too... And, this solution (outlook.exe /resetfoldernames) worked for me. Thanks!

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