Offline Installer for Windows Live Essentials

I constantly find myself amazed at just how good some of the free applications included with Windows Live essentials are. I particularly like the movie maker which is easily as good as any of Mac’s offerings.

That being said, I am also constantly amazed at how annoying the online installs of some of these free programs can be – especially if you are installing the package on multiple PCs.

However, in the case of Windows Live Essentials, Ed Bott recently published a link to the offline installer on ZD Net for all to use.  Please find the link below

 Windows Live Essentials Offline

For those of you that have never used this package, I strongly encourage you to check it out. In fact, I have written all of these blog post’s on the Windows Live Writer and it is an essential tool for the maintenance of this website.

Enjoy the link folks!

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