Hot New iPhone Game – Gem Shock



For those of you that come to our blog regularly, you would know that we have never done a game review before. This isn’t because we don’t game or because we have anything against game reviews themselves, but it is more because games are usually so well covered by other sites that anything we would say would be totally redundant.

It is with pleasure, however, that I bring our readerships attention to a great new game that I have heard about and been playing.

Gem Shock is one of those extremely simple but yet extremely addictive games. It really reminds me of Tetris in its sheer simplicity and potential for addiction. It is great.  Manoeuvring your Gem through the electrified walls while pushing yourself to race against the clock and fighting to get that steady hand you need to win  really is stupefyingly fun!

The game is only $0.99 and is a hoot. Check it out on the itunes app store today and have a go at it…I sure haven’t regretted my purchase!

Here’s a link for the so inclined – Gem Shock:


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