70-410 Installing and Configuring Windows Practice Questions

So I have recently undertaken the endeavour to upgrade my Microsoft cert and attain the full MCSE Server 2012 Server Infrastructure designation. As part of this, I thought it would be helpful to our loyal readers if I included some tips tricks and practice questions that I find useful along the way. With that, please find the first set of 5 unveiled here.  What better project to take for a rainy Vancouver winter that to brush up on all of my IT skills.

Hope you find them useful!

Lets get started:

1.  Of the following, which of these methods is the primary method for transmitting IPv6 traffic across an IPv4 network.

a. Subnetting

b. Extraction

c. Supernetting

d. Tunneling

2.  Which of the following tools would you use to bulk add and later modify active directory objects

a. LDAP Data Interchange Format Directory Exchange (LDIFDE.exe)

b. Comma-Separated Value Directory Exchange (CSVDE.exe)

c. netdom.exe

d. djoin.exe

3.  Which powershell command is correct in syntax and function for adding computer objects in active directory.

a. new-ADComputer –Name <computer name> –path <distinguished name>

b. new activedirectoryobject –computer <name> –distinguishedpath <path>

c. add-ADComputer –Name <computer name> –path <distinguished name>

d.  netadd computer –ADForest –name

4. Which tool is best suited for deploying settings in a security template to all computers in an AD DS domain.

a. Security Templates snap-in

b. Group Policy Object Editor

c. Group Policy Management Console

d. Active Directory Users and Computers

5. To create a passthrough disk in Hyper-V, the disk must be taken _____________.



1. d 2. a 3. a 4. c 5. offline


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