…And So It Begins.

I hated the whole 'blogging' phenomenon right from day one. I hated the concept, I hated the people who read them, I hated the people who write them, and I especially hated the word ‘blog’.

But times change: there’s actually useful content in blogs these days. More often than not, I’ll find the fix to a problem I’m struggling with in a blog post somewhere. So, if I can help a few other people out there by writing about my own problems and solutions (and earn a few AdSense dollars while doing so), I guess I can douse my hatred towards the concept of and people behind blogs.

I’ll try to keep each post useful, with as little bullshit as possible – a rarity in technical documentation, and perhaps part of the reason why technical blogs have become so successful. Because this is my writing, I get to rant, rave, change the rules, and say ‘fuck’ whenever I want. Don’t like it? Go somewhere else. Have a question for me, or a topic you’d like me to write about? Drop a comment, and I’ll do what I can. Want me to personally help you with something that’s been driving you crazy recently? Click the ‘Call Me’ button and see what happens (I’ve been pressed into trying this fancy new ‘Ether’ thing a try; we’ll see how it goes).

What am I good at? Well, I’m primarily a .NET developer, but I run my own company, support what I build, and generally deal with the worst of what this godforsaken industry has to offer, so I see a bit of everything.

So, that’s that. Now I have a blog. Great. Wonderful.

But I still hate the word ‘blog’.

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  1. Hey guys,
    great useful info in this blog! I was wondering if you could post a followup to this and let the world know if you're actually getting many dollars from the AdSense and affiliate links, as well as your experience with Ether.



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