First Post.....

Welcome to my blog spot.

Through working with computers and users on a daily basis, I have come to appreciate what a giant pain in the *butt* these machines, their operating systems, and their applications can be. Everyday, I see people struggling to use these programs performing tasks that should be mundane -yet often these simple tasks fail.

I love IT and have been working in the IT industry for basically the last 5 years. Supporting that IT career is at least 10 solid years of building, repairing, and using computers as a hobbyist. And now I am here to do something about those simple tasks that fail.

This blog is may be about the complex, it may be about the obscure, and it may even be about the obvious, but, it is all IT.

Overwhelmingly, as the title suggests, this blog is about IT Made Easy by giving quick tips, tricks, and sharing stories to help each and every one of you on your journey to having a smooth efficient IT regime in place.

Welcome to my blog, and I look forward to interacting with my new readership!

Check back often for new posts.

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