Raw Music

Just launched a new site for a friend of mine who happens to be a musical genius:


This is going somewhere, so get in now! 

It was a great learning experience for me, too.  It’s a simple little site, but there were two elements I haven’t dealt with before: Flash music previews, and PayPal integration.  Flash was horrible, of course, but easily tamed.  I still wish there was an alternative out there, but there really isn’t.  Perhaps in time Silverlight adoption will reach a usable level.  Working with PayPal was interesting, however.  I come away with this conclusion: PayPal is a well-designed, well-built, well-oiled machine: they’ve thought of just about everything, it works well, it’s easy for users to use, it’s easy for developers to target, it works everywhere, and it’s cheap.  There’s just one problem… there’s nothing there BUT machine.  If you ever need any help, or you run into any kind of problem, there is NO ONE who can help you.

People, we all love technology, but let’s not forget: it works for us.  The second things start to work the other way, it’s time to step way back and figure out what went wrong.


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